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Adoption Tees Valley Support


Every adoptive family will have a tailor made package from a variety of sources. This could include:

  • An Adoption Tees Valley Social Worker. Your social worker will support your family through your journey from Assessment to the Adoption Order. They will have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with children and families who have been brought together through adoption.


  • Support Groups and Training events. You will receive regular invites to these events which will cover topics such as, Attachment and Trauma, Life Story Work, Managing Behaviour, Explaining and Telling Adoption and other topical issues.


  • Buddy Scheme. Your social worker will identify appropriate ATV Adopters who will support you through your journey.


  • Financial support. Financial support is available in some circumstances. A financial assessment will be undertaken which will take into account the child’s needs and your financial circumstances.


  • Therapeutic Adoption Support Services. If your child or family would benefit from therapeutic intervention Adoption Tees Valley will complete a needs assessment, which will identify the most appropriate therapeutic intervention.


  • Activities and Events. Events will be held during the year for you and your family to attend.